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Chapman University is looking to create a scheduling app that exhibits easy navigation, as well as a smooth and pleasant user experience. As a redesign of their registration scheduling interface, the arising challenge for this project is to redefine the user experience for Chapman students when registering for classes, allowing for an app that improves the often overwhelming, stressful registration process. The existing interface on lacks a humanistic design approach and evokes many pain points in the user, including difficult navigation and lack of visual appeal. This project must address the existing grievances of students regarding the website design and find innovative solutions to allow for a better overall user experience.


App Design


Chapman University (Personal Project)



Portfolio Site_Chapman Scheduling App.png

The finished app design takes into account the many expectations, values, and current pain points of Chapman students to create a final product that is both exciting and easy to use. In terms of aesthetics, MyChapman’s app design loosely maintains the existing branding of Chapman University, but with a modern twist. The new color palette boasts a range of muted red, grey, and white hues that are softer than the original bold color palette.

The new design uses color to establish flow and visual hierarchy among each page, an issue which proved to be a significant pain point in the original scheduling interface, which lacked any sense of hierarchy or dynamism. The app takes a much more humanistic approach with the addition of professor photos, a customizable profile, and dynamic imagery to make the user experience more fun and engaging. 

Scheduling Vid Mockup.png

The App

This walkthrough of the app design displays intended navigation through the app and all of the different features it provides. In short, the final scheduling app provides a user-friendly approach to scheduling classes, as well as providing an easy-to-navigate calendar to keep students organized and on time.  

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