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Girlfriend Collective began when a woman, Ellie Dinh, noticed that she could not find any sustainable activewear brands to purchase athletic clothing from. Soon after this realization, Ellie and her husband Quang teamed together to create their own line of activewear in the summer of 2016 which was created in a fair, clean, and sustainable manner from start to finish. With Ellie’s eye for fashion and Quang’s expertise in sustainable mechanical engineering, the couple created a clothing brand that is the epitome of “slow fashion”. With each pair of leggings, Girlfriend Collective saves 25 plastic water bottles from being thrown in the landfill and gives them a brand new life in the form of high-quality, high-performance athletic wear.

Girlfriend Collective wants to showcase its growth in 2020, both financially and in terms of environmental preservation, through an annual report website. This project should make viewers excited about the future potential of the business. It is important that the completed website design contributes to an establishment of mutual trust between the company and the consumer, whether that be obtained through colloquial language, playful imagery, or a highly factual presentation. The project should push potential buyers and investors to engage with the brand.



Annual Report Website Design

Girlfriend Collective (Personal Project)



Portfolio Site_GC Webpage Mock.png

The final design of the annual report seeks to embody the youthful, simplistic visual identity that Girlfriend Collective boasts, focusing very heavily on simple typesetting and beautiful imagery. 

The color palette, a mix of neutral browns and natural blues and greens, seeks to evoke the concept of sustainability and eco-consciousness, as the colors are reminiscent of the Earth. 

Website Design

The final site utilizes playful, vibrant imagery with real Girlfriend Collective customers that their audience can relate to. All narratives included on the website, which range from new product announcements to yearly sustainability highlights and financial data seek to excite the viewer about the yearly growth of the company while also maintaining humble transparency.

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girlfriend collective logo.png
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Website Walkthrough

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