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Reserve Magazine, a lifestyle magazine which focuses on exciting events, narratives, and locations in the Hawaiian area, is looking to create a bilingual magazine publication to increase accessibility. Considering that a significant amount of the Hawaiian population has roots in Japan or immigrated from Japan, they want to create a cover, table of contents, single-page story, and feature story that is dynamic and easy to read for both their English and Japanese-speaking viewers. Through this project, Reserve hopes to establish greater diversity in their consumer base, and intends to design a product that is entertaining and readable for all of their audience, regardless of the language that they speak. 


Bilingual Editorial Design


Reserve Magazine (Personal Project)



portfolio_editorial mock.png

The final design seeks to provide a professional yet lively and visually dynamic magazine to the viewer. As the ocean and beach life are integral aspects of Hawaiian culture, the broken typography which flows off of the page on the cover symbolizes the flow of waves in an abstract design. The typography throughout the piece aims to draw the reader’s eye across the work and acts not only as an informative element but also as a sort of graphic imagery.

This magazine seeks to establish a sense of equality between the English and Japanese text, as both the English and Japanese viewership are equally important in determining the success of this project. The placement of textual elements throughout the work is somewhat geometric, establishing an artistic yet professional overall aesthetic. To establish a modern, simple design aesthetic, the finished work is very picture-heavy, with high quality imagery occupying full pages.

Portfolio Site_Reserve Mag Spreads.png

The Final

The final design for this edition of Reserve Magazine seeks to combine sleek, simplistic design with playful elements, specifically typesetting, that add personality to the magazine. This editorial design is highly inspired by Kinfolk Magazine, which utilizes intentional white space and minimalism to create beautiful, modern designs. Unconventional placement of type and full bleed, high quality photos throughout the magazine are meant to draw the viewer's eye peacefully through the work and make them yearn to keep reading. 

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