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StyleCaster is a diverse media destination crafted for anyone and everyone to explore the latest fashion trends, discover the meaning of their moon sign, uncover a new hobby, and catch up on the hottest entertainment news. The site is a forum for self-discovery, focused on providing its readers with the candid thoughts, opinions, and advice of writers who are just like them. Their brand is built on honesty and inclusivity, seeking to serve as their reader's "big sister" that they can always look up to.


In order to stay true to their brand goals, StyleCaster was in need of a visual overhaul to align their website design and brand imagery with their elevated and genuine content. I redesigned StyleCaster's logo and website and created a brand kit to better represent their mantra and create a more seamless user experience. 

Website Design / Branding / UX UI Design




Homepage Design

For their new site, StyleCaster sought a curated, custom homepage design. With the goal of maintaining simplicity and flow in mind, I created a homepage consisting of several curated sections, all of which focus on different offerings of the brand.


The primary carousel contains a little bit of everything- a feature story area, trending stories section, digital issue widget, and an area for sponsored content. This allows readers to explore a variety of our most recent and relevant content as soon as they reach the site landing page.  

Mobile Homepage Design

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Logo Exploration

StyleCaster's previous logo was not an accurate representation of their brand. The fully uppercase italicized font choice felt a bit too loud and harsh, whereas StyleCaster was seeking to represent themselves as more soft and welcoming, but still gender neutral. Additionally, the previous logo color became a nuisance when creating digital celebrity covers, as the dual-color often did not translate well on a photo. 

Liaising with stakeholders, I created new logo iterations which took into account StyleCaster's goal of a welcoming, gender neutral, yet unique logo design. The brand wanted to keep the differentiation between "style" and "caster" that was exhibited by the dual-color of their original logo, so I created a new design with which "style" is in a bolder weight, but keeping both words in the same font and color. We chose green as a staple color for StyleCaster's new palette, as it represents new beginnings and growth and feels comforting and inviting. 

Color Palette

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