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Monotype, a well-known and highly respected type foundry, is looking to promote their font Trade Gothic Next through a series of promotional Instagram posts that showcase the beauty and diversity of the typeface. The final marketing materials must display all weights and styles of the font in order to evoke the viewer's excitement while also demonstrating the practical use of the font. 


Social Media Post Series



(Personal Project)



Portfolio Site_Trade Gothic Mock.png

The completed marketing materials for this project aim to embody the look of a vintage newspaper in regards to typesetting and color palette while also incorporating a modern, youthful twist. The color palette is playful but muted, paying homage to the muted colors of early lithographic printing.

While some of the Instagram post designs are typeset to appear as though they have just come off of the printing press, there is also an extent of experimentation with bold, unconventional type placement. Overall, the project is an exploration of both traditional and quirky typesetting which seeks to show the viewer the versatility of the typeface.

Additional Materials

In addition to Instagram posts, extra marketing materials were created to further display the broad functionality of Trade Gothic Next. The poster design follows the "vintage newspaper" concept which inspired the Instagram post designs. The sticker design aims to display Trade Gothic Next in a playful, lighthearted context to further display versatility.

floating trade flyer.png
have a nice day sticker.png
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