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For StyleCaster's fashion-focused September digital issue, The World of Style, the client sought an elevated, modern, high-fashion editorial aesthetic, while still staying true to the StyleCaster mantra of inclusivity and self-discovery. The issue features stunning original photography of actress Yvonne Strahovski, as well as curated stories all about fashion, travel, and must-try trends. 

Creative Direction / Graphic Design / Image Retouching



PHOTOGRAPHY: Carlyle Routh

World of Style Primary Image
yvonne strahovski dancing in a red skirt
yvonne strahovski in a red skirt

Behind the Scenes With Yvonne Strahovski

Yvonne Strahoski's cover shoot with StyleCaster, focused on highlighting her bright personality while showcasing stunning fashion, was shot in a studio in Canada on one of Yvonne's days off from portraying the character of Serena Joy Waterford in The Handmaid's Tale. A stark antithesis of the dark character that she portrays on the show, Yvonne brought all of her eclectic energy and playful poses, creating one of StyleCaster's most iconic shoots.

I performed photo research and created mood boards in preparation for this shoot. I retouched all imagery from the shoot and designed digital covers for use on StyleCaster's social media platform. I designed the digital layout of Yvonne's cover story, including an interactive "Shop The Look" feature. I also created the digital destination for The World of Style, in which Yvonne's cover story lives. This microsite includes an animated video, several article image designs, and a tertiary photoshoot of our editors rocking the trendiest ballet flats. 

yvonne strahovski digital cover for stylecaster
yvonne strahovski on phone screen

Animated Video Design

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Digital Issue Design

yvonne strahovski in a blue suit
yvonne strahovski kicking
yvonne strahovski in a black and white corset and suit
Yvonne strahovski quote

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Cover Story Design

yvonne strahovski second digital cover for stylecaster
yvonne strahovski third digital cover for stylecaster

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